Saturday, August 28, 2010

Opportunity Leaders!

By Gary Randleas

The leaders of America seem to focus on the problems not the opportunities. The news covers Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea. Americans turn there attention to issues like terrorism, homeland security, health care and economic panics. meanwhile China, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, India and Russia are on the rise economically and politically. These rising powers are focusing on free economics, less regulation, and lower taxes. This is an environment for prosperity. U.S. Entrepreneurs are increasingly regulated in the United States. The environment for prosperity in our country in disappearing. So we can increase taxes to protect jobs and so-called benefits, or we can free up the economy like these countries on the rise have done. What ever happened to promoting free enterprise? American is known as the protector of the world against the evils of jihadism and dictatorship. Lets stop trying to solve the worlds problems and look for opportunities to revive free enterprise and free markets. Stop the regulation that is choking the life out of our freedom and prosperity. Socialism has a mentality of scarcity, there is not enough so we have to regulate and redistribute. Free enterprise creates abundance for those who will go out and get it. Opportunity!

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