Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Students Come First: Call for Civil Discourse

Call for Civil Discourse

Governor Otter and Superintendent Luna spoke out today about recent incidents of hostility and vandalism over the Students Come First plan. Governor Otter told media, “The Idaho way is to have good robust debate. The Idaho way is for us to exchange in our ideas and do that in a civil way. And I would hope that as we continue addressing not only this issue but some other tough issues that are coming at us because of our budgetary restraints, that we would offer then the Idaho way in addressing all of those budgetary issues.”

“The Governor and I have put forth a plan that is based on the fact that we are in an economic crisis, now going into its third year. We recognize that if we want to preserve the kind of education system that our state constitution requires us to have, there must be changes. We must change the way we spend what we currently have. That’s uncomfortable for some people, and I understand that. I understand that if can drive passion, but there are limits. We have a certain way of doing things in Idaho, and you do not cross that line,” Luna said. “I join the Governor in saying, not just for myself or the Governor and his family, but for all senators and representatives, that you can come to us and have civil discourse with us about issues, but family and personal property are off limits.“

Over the weekend, a teacher went to Superintendent Luna’s mother’s home with the intent to harass. Superintendent Luna happened to be there and spoke with the man. This morning, the Superintendent’s truck was spray painted and his tires were slashed. Hours later, he was confronted by a man at a local coffee house after doing an interview for a morning television show.

Additionally, social media postings have listed legislator’s home addresses and phone numbers urging people to leave notes for these legislator’s neighbors asking them to voice their opposition to the Students Come First plan.

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  1. Republicans are great...at helping big business creat low wage jobs. I hope when I lose my high pay teaching job I can get one of these new jobs.