Saturday, September 25, 2010

Governor Otter’s 2008 Promise Saves Taxpayers Millions Now

Boise, Idaho – During Governor Otter’s 2008 State of the State address, he promised to clean up government and instituted a new zero-base budgeting system. The Governor’s team went department-by-department making sure that every resource is utilized to its maximum potential. To date, Governor Otter has eliminated redundancies, maximized efficiency, and found roughly $2.1 million in ways to save your tax dollars.

“It’s always been my goal to show you that we’re worthy of your trust, especially through promoting responsible government, said Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter. “During these tough times, I asked my team to dive deep and start asking ‘why’?”

Through consolidation, under Governor Otter’s leadership, Idaho is now saving nearly $1M in mail services and between $10 million -$30 million in IT work. During the discovery process, more than 80 e-mail systems were found across the state. So far, 40 state agencies have merged on to one e-mail system. State government is saving your money everyday by working smarter.

“Through collaboration with different agencies, new public-private partnerships, and technology, we’re cleaning up the old way of doing business,” said Governor Otter. “Price is no longer the only emphasis – now, we’re evaluating on a best value philosophy.”

We’re utilizing technology more than ever. It has helped generate new bids resulting in lower prices, higher competition, and greater long-term value for the services taxpayers depend on!

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