Saturday, September 11, 2010

Linden Bateman Candidate for State Representative

Linden Bateman, Candidate for State Representative District 33, Seat B.

Linden Bateman’s past service in the Idaho legislature includes 4 years in leadership as caucus chairman where he presided over Republican meetings of the House of Representatives. He also served as vice chairman of the Local Government Committee and co-chairman of a joint legislative education reform committee. He holds a degree in government from BYU. During recent years he has supervised student interns for both ISU and BYU-I.

Describing his political philosophy to be one of creative conservatism, Bateman is alarmed by an ever-expanding federal interference into the affairs of state governments. He fully supports the lawsuit initiated by Idaho and 19 other states challenging the constitutionality of the Obama health care legislation.

Bateman believes that education improvement and funding will be among the top priorities scheduled for the next legislative session. He believes that schools can more effectively guide students into successful careers through the development of each child’s natural talents and productive interests.

Bateman is a life-long resident of Idaho Falls and grew up in the heart of legislative District 33. He and his wife, Deann, have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

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