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Idaho Republican Party ~ Bonneville County Hall Of Fame Award Nominations

It’s time again for the Idaho Republican Party Hall of Fame Awards. These awards are given to the Outstanding Precinct Committeeperson; Outstanding Republican Worker; Outstanding Region, County, or Legislative District Chairman; Outstanding Republican Legislator; Outstanding Republican Administrator; and Most Valuable Person. The following names are the Bonneville County Nominees.


Name: Sherree & Mark Schell
Years Served: 6 months
EST Hrs Worked: 150-200

Performance of Duties: Mark and Sherree Schell canvassed their own precinct as well as assisted with voter registration and absentee ballot requests in LD 33. They both were poll watchers for Precinct 6 in the November elections. They have faithfully attended Bonneville County Central Committee meetings.

Accomplishments within the Party: Mark and Sherree took responsibility for our Idaho Falls Independence Day float, performing repairs on props, fabricating the base on a trailer, storing, driving and tearing it down. They have also spent countless hours placing and removing Republican candidate signs, as well as helping with candidate literature.

Other Accomplishments: Mark and Sheree are successful small business owners, active community members and proud parents.

Past Winners Include: 2010 – Donna Montgomery, 2009 – Mary Lou Piazza, 2006 – Darrel Bolz, 2005 – Ruthie Johnson, 2002 – Willis Welker, 2000 – Diana Siddoway Richman, 2000 – Matt Beebe, 1999 – Dixie Richardson, 1998 – Melinda Smyser, 1997 – Pat Dammarell, 1996 – Al Showalter, 1996 – Paul Rechnitzer, 1995 – Julie Irby, 1995 – Linda Norris, 1995 – George Nourse, 1994 – Dennis Turner, 1994 – Verna Walker, 1993 - Sally Tanaguchi, 1992 – Betty Gregor, 1991 - Helen McKinney, 1988 – Mary Anderson, 1988 – Alice Lufkin, 1988 – Janet Hailey, 1987 – Rose Walker, 1986 - Cindy Moyle, 1985 – Elaine Martin, 1984- Dick D’Easum, 1983-Eleanor Loucks, 1983-Alden Judge, 1982 –Connie Thomas, 1981- Lyle Browning, 1980- Anna Mensinger, 1980- Sheila Olsen, 1979, Peggy Gossi, 1979 - Elaine Phillips, 1978 – Ruthie Johnson.


Name: Gary Randleas
Years Served: 6 months
EST Hrs Worked: 175-225

Performance of Duties: Gary has been a strong supporter of the Bonneville County Central Committee, and serves as a precinct committeeman. He has canvassed his own precinct, as well as supported campaign activities in the county as a whole.

Accomplishments within the Party: Gary designed and launched our Bonneville County Republican website,, and now maintains and updates it. He placed our county party on Facebook, as well, constantly sending out educational messages and updates on important issues.

Other Accomplishments: Gary has recently participated in activating other conservatives in our community and put together classes and discussion groups focused on learning constitutional principles and effecting change for the better on the local level. He is also an involved father and husband.

Past Winners Include: 2010 – Angela Cross, 2009-Mary Jo Ambrosiani, 2006- Dawn Hatch, 2005- Anne Beebe, 2002-Mel Quale, 2000- Rebecca Lim, 1999-Larry Eastland, 1998- Mike Matthews, 1997-Kathy Garrett, 1997-Edith Sawyer, 1996-Trent Clark, 1995- Fred Cenarrusa, 1994- Sandy Patano, 1994- Nancy Baxter, 1994- Shirley Bell, 1994- Helen McKinney, 1993- Carolyn Durant, 1992-Betty Adler, 1991- Blake Hall, 1991- Lucy Yarbrough In Memorial, 1988- Richard Bauer, 1988- Rosie White, 1988- Robert Milovich, 1987- Thomas Summers, 1987- Dona Kunav, 1986- Coleen Erickson, 1985- Dennis Olsen, 1984- Jim Goller, 1983- Rich Hendricks, 1983- Ed Nettleton, 1983-William R. Chandler, 1982- Marilyn Stanger, 1982- Edith Sawyer, 1981- Ann Rydalch, 1980- Larry Craig, 1980- George Hansen, 1980- Steve Symms, 1980- James McClure, 1979- Dave Little, 1978- Orriette Sinclair.


Name: Willis Welker
Years Served: 3
EST Hrs Worked: Countless

Performance of Duties: Willis takes the organization of his LD 32 very seriously. Over the years he has taken his numerous responsibilities to heart and worked tirelessly to properly represent LD 32.

Accomplishments within the Party: Willis has served as the Vice Chairman of the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee, as well as Vice Chairman of Region 7 Republicans. In 2008, Willis managed and staffed the Republican Headquarters.
For many years Willis helped with the Lincoln Day Dinner, and the Republican BBQ, as well as helped design and build floats for the Independence Day Parades.

Other Accomplishments: Willis served his country in the National Guard and is a husband and father.

Past Winners Include: 2010 – Rich Jackson, 2010 – Melinda Smyser, 2010 – Marsha Bjornn, 2009- Brenda Maynard Walters, 2009- Stan Clark, 2009- Dale Ewersen, 2006- Julie Chadderdon, 2006- Gayann DeMordaunt, 2006- Steve Brown, 2005- Ken Burgess, 2002 Benjamin E. Doty, 2000- Paul Clark, 1999- Ed Bangle, 1998- Del & Carol Rust, 1997- Bob Nonini, 1996- Karen Crystal, 1995- Donna McKay, 1995- Jerry Ferrell, 1994- Bill Calhoun, 1993- Dave Munroe, 1992- Randy Smith, 1992- Kathy Sims, 1992- Rosie White, 1991- Lon Woodbury, 1991- Charles Wilson, 1988- Dwight Hoffman, 1987- Patti Ann Lodge, 1987- Shirley Greene, 1986- John Taylor, 1985- Carleen Lord, 1984- Elaine Phillips, 1983- Calvin Niswander, 1983- John Erickson, 1982- Mary Harvey, 1981- Janet Miller, 1980- John Scoresby, 1980- Denton Darrington, 1979- Lydia Edwards, 1979- James Anderson, 1978- Laird Noh


Name: Tom Loertscher
Years Served: 24
EST Hrs Worked: Countless

Performance of Duties: Representative, Idaho State House, 1996-2002, 2004-present. Chairman of the State Affairs Committee, Member of the Health and Welfare Committee.
Commissioner, Bonneville County, 1978-1984.

Accomplishments within the Party: Tom has stayed true to himself and his party throughout the years, consistently championing smaller government, lower taxes and family values.

Other Accomplishments: Idaho House Assistant Majority Leader, East Central Idaho Planning and Development Association, East Central Idaho Private Industry Council, Idaho State Job Training Council.
Served 6 years in the United States Army Reserves. Tom is also a husband and father of eight children.

Past Winners Include: 2010 – Mike Moyle, 2010 – Patti Anne Lodge, 2009- Bart Davis, 2006- John McGee, 2005- Marge Chadderdon, 2002- Shawn Keough, 2001- Mel Richardson, 2000- Dolores Crow, 1999- Golden Linford, 1999- Jerry Twiggs, 1998- Frank Bruneel, 1997- Evan Frasure, 1997- John Sandy, 1996- Judi Danielson, 1996- John Tippets, 1995- Robert C. Geddes, 1995- David Kerrick, 1994- JoAnne Wood, 1994- Ruby Stone, 1994- Jerry Thorne, 1993- Steve Antone, 1993- Atwell Parry, 1992- Joyce McRoberts, 1992- Evan Frasure, 1991- Wayne Sutton In Memorial, 1991- Pam Ahrens, 1991- Mark Ricks, 1988- Rachel Gilbert, 1988- Bob Scates, 1987- Laird Noh, 1987- Frances Field, 1986- Tom Boyd, 1986- Denton Darrington, 1985- Mack Neibaur, 1985- David Little, 1984- John Sessions, 1984- Tom Stivers, 1984- James Risch, 1983- Jack Kennevick, 1983- John Barker, 1982- J. Wilson Steen, 1981- Walter Yarbrough, 1980- Ralph Olmstead, 1978- J. Vard Chatburn


Name: Tom Luna
Years Served: 4
EST Hrs Worked: Countless

Performance of Duties: As Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Luna has been a true advocate for education through school choice and successful education programs, including the math initiative, among other things. Tom has held the line on spending through wise fiscal leadership, in spite of outside pressures.

Accomplishments within the Party: Tom Luna has stayed true to Republican ideals and platforms throughout his time as Superintendent and has supported his party in numerous ways.

Other Accomplishments: Board Member/Chairman, Nampa School Board. Director, White House Initiative on Tribal Colleges and Universities, Member, Board of Directors, Council of Chief State School Officers, Member, ESEA Reauthorization Committee, Council of Chief State School Officers, Member, Next Generation Learners Committee, Council of Chief State School Officers, Idaho Achievement Standards Commission, Chair, Idaho Assessment and Accountability Commission. Tom is also a devoted husband and father of 6.

Past Winners Include: 2010—Lawrence Wasden, 2009- Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter, 2006- Jim Risch, 2005- Carl Bianchi, 2002- Dennis Hansen, 2000- Pat Takasugi, 1999-Roger Madsen, 1998- Pam Ahrens, 1997- Al Lance, 1996- Jeff Malmen, 1995- Phil Batt, 1994- Mike Simpson, 1994- Jerry Twiggs, 1993- Phil Reberger, 1992- Ben & Penny Ysursa, 1991- C.L. “Butch” Otter, 1988- James Siddoway, 1987- Lydia Justice Edwards, 1984- Jim Jones, 1983- David H. Leroy, 1982- Jerry L. Evans, 1981- Don Samuelson, 1980- Phil Batt, 1979- Robert Smylie, 1978- Pete T. Cenarussa


Name: Steve Hiett
Years Served: 6 months
EST Hrs Worked: 50+

Performance of Duties: As Assistant Precinct Committeeman, Steve has helped with the work in his own precinct as well as assisted in other precincts. He and his wife also hosted open house events for Republican candidates. Steve was a valuable member of the poll watch organization for the November 2010 election. He has faithfully attended Bonneville County Republican Central Committee meetings.

Accomplishments within the Party: Steve served as the Region 7 BBQ facilities organizer, putting together necessary infrastructure to accommodate the hundreds of participants at the dinner, and organizing the clean-up and take down as well.
Steve spent numerous hours on the float for the Fourth of July parade, and brought his Liberty Tree to serve as an integral decoration.
Steve was a valuable member of the poll watch organization for the November 2010 election.

Past Winners Include: 2010 – Marilyn Hempleman, 2009- Frank Vandersloot, 2005- Frank Dammarell, 2002- Nancy Baxter, 2002- Helen McKinney, 2000- Oriette Sinclair, 1998- David Little, 1997- Helen McKinney.

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