Sunday, November 21, 2010

November Issues Committee Report

In 1980 my dad had a bumper sticker on his car that read: NO TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT! This unfortunate mile marker was reached in 1982. Now in 2010 the national debt approaches $14 trillion. It took our country 195 years to reached a trillion dollar debt and only 28 years later we’re at $14 trillion.

On October 16 the Post Register’s front-page article reported the City of Idaho Falls was seeking a federal grant to restore air service from IF to BOI. The mayor, Senator Crapo and IF airport administrator Len Nelson were identified in the article. I first spoke with Len Nelson who confirmed with me that unconstitutional transfer of wealth was being used to benefit a particular free-market enterprise. I then called Mayor Fuhrman and asked him 2 questions. Number 1, where is the authority in the Constitution that authorizes federal money taken from the taxpayers used to subsidize a private sector of the airlines? 2, our country is $14 trillion in debt; our deficit is over $1.3 trillion for this year, where is the money coming from? Our country is broke and now more money is being taken from the taxpayer. The mayor could not answer either question. I called Senator Crapo’s office and posed the same question and I’m still waiting to hear from him. The grant was finally given although for service between Idaho Falls and SFO. I sincerely believe the criminal policies of Keynesian Economics are the consequence of our current financial situation. It is just as necessary to the health of a dynamic economy that dying industries be allowed to shrink or die as that growing industries be allowed to grow. The first process is essential to the second.

Next item. On November 9, the Post Register reported that Idaho Falls power customers were going to participate in Smart Grid demo at a cost of $350 million coming from stimulus money. Under the guise and propaganda of helping the environment and saving consumers money, this would allow the government to monitor and collect private information of the Idaho Falls citizens, effectively permitting the government to spy on us. Smart Grid will allow the government to collect information about us, our habits, and contents of our homes. All they need are a few sensors to know what is in your home; how long you spend in rooms or the use of particular appliances in our home or business. We are told the program is voluntary and temporary. I’m reminded of Milton Friedman who said there is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program. I don’t think Smart Grid Tech is good for our freedoms.

Next item. I attended the school district 91 community communication at Skyline H.S. on September 21 and believe another government bond is in the works. I called school board member David Lent and he invited me to a school board meeting. I spoke for about 10 minutes and said most of our problems in the schools are a predictable consequence to the unconstitutional federal government’s intervening in education. That, for example, No Child Left Behind ties the hands of teachers, superintendants and school boards as federal money means federal control. The more local control the better. I have realized that the fundamental problems with our public schools are not ill-trained teachers, lack of money, broken-down school buildings or overcrowded classrooms. These are only consequences and secondary effects of the root problem. I think the main reason our public schools fail and will continue to fail is because they are based on a compulsory, government run, near total education monopoly that suppresses a voluntary free market education system. David Lent would not say if another bond will be pushed for a May vote.

Next item. On Election Day I spoke with Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce president Rob Chiles and he told me they would have the necessary signatures to allow a vote on the Idaho Falls events center in May. The issues committee is continuing to educate and draft a resolution in opposition to raising taxes for a government subsidized for profit enterprise for entertaining people.

Next item. I was in SLC on October 3 and met republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz at a breakfast and spoke with him for a few minutes. He told me momentum is building to abolish the department of education. Ronald Reagan campaigned in twice will running for president to abolish the dept. of ed unfortunately the republicans have since doubled it’s size and the quality of public education continues to decline. I hope the issues committee will continue to make popular eliminating the dept. of education. On a side note, I caught the attention of rep. Congressman Chaffetz say while being interviewed on MSNBC’s Dylan Rattigan’s show quote “I have no hesitation whatsoever in probing and bringing charges against George W. Bush for torture.” Where, in his new memoir, Bush makes clear he approved use of water boarding.

Next item. I hope the BCRCC will bring the light that the Republican’s Pledge to America is strong on rhetoric but weak on substance. Where cutting spending, for example is concerned what the pledge actually promises is merely to scale back government spending to pre-stimulus, pre bailout levels to what it was 3 or 4 years ago. It says nothing, for example about abolishing the unconstitutional departments of education, energy, labor or health and welfare or Obamacare, it says nothing about abolishing the Patriot Act, nothing about bringing the troops home, stop policing the world and minding our own business, and ending these unconstitutional, immoral, and illegal wars, or says nothing about auditing or abolishing the federal reserve. The so-called welfare ‘mandatory spending’ programs consume more than half the mandatory spending programs. Social security (costing $544 billion) and Medicare ($325 billion) –these two gargantuan and completely unconstitutional federal programs require ¼ the federal budget. Yet the pledge to America for all its antigovernment and proconstitutional rhetoric has no intention of changing them. It reminds me of the 1994 Contract with America and its failures.

And finally, there is a growing disdain for the transportation security agency. Happily, a revolt is taking place all across America and it should. Some DA’s are suing the bullying, unaccountable TSA, passengers are bringing forth lawsuits and refusing to fly and some airports are eliminating TSA screening all together. In only the last few weeks, the tsa has come to reveal itself as having little to do with fighting terror but everything to do control and money of American citizens. Former department of homeland security head Michael Chertoff now works for the company that manufactures and sells these scanners. Companies are hiring former government chiefs and then all of a sudden they get huge contracts and very rich. The TSA has subjected American citizens with security measures that have amounted to sexual assaults and molestations, removing children from strollers, touching them in a disgusting ways. Watch the video of a 3 year old girl at the hands of TSA Agent cry and screaming ‘do not touch me, do not touch me, do not touch me.’ They are taking and saving pornographic images with naked body scanners with equipment that induces dangerous levels of radiation. It is a gross violation the individual’s right to privacy and secrecy. Ridiculously, pilots are screened when they have a missile at their controls and a gun in the cockpit. A total of zero bombs or even parts have been found after billions of wasted money on security and violated rights of citizens has taken place. Incredibly I’ve heard ‘when you buy a plane ticket you give up your rights.’ This is political heresy. It is not the purpose of government to keep us safe. It is not the purpose of government to protect us from harm or keep us from danger. The only purpose of government is to keep us free. The owners of private property and not the government should only protect private property. I hope everyone says ‘enough is enough!’

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